The Battle of Moneygashel

The Battle of Moneygashel took place on the Cavan/Fermanagh border at the beginning of WWII, as rationing took hold and people began crossing the border to purchase items in the north that were scarce in the south.

Upon their return to Moneygashel one night, Customs Officers confronted a group of smugglers. A struggle ensued. In the end, the Customs Men seized several bags of flour, but had no way of transporting them. The men decided that it would be a good idea to order a local family to store them for the night. The lady of the house gladly welcomed both flour and one of the officers, who had been instructed to stand guard until the others returned with help.

That night the tenants of the storehouse held a great Ceili. All the neighbours were invited and they piled in. As the officer warmed to the hospitality of the locals, a pretty young maiden approached him and asked him to dance. Not wishing to appear uncivilized he politely accepted. While the two of them glided over the flagstones in the kitchen, bags of flour were also flying… out the upper room window, and onto a waiting ass and cart!

(Story provided by Claire Maguire)
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